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Cat Salt

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What if I feed my cat salt?

some local doc here told me to feed my Persian cat and salt can make them lose their hair GSD is terribly true? a million thanks to all just a question if I add WHT Lil amounts to flavor food to feed am the meat and chicken liver is allowed?

The salt can do more than make them lose their hair, they can kill! Never feed a cat or a dog salt!

The smell of cat urine. Know your enemy and win the battle

the smell of cat urine can be a nightmare because the smell Ammonia is overwhelming. When your cat uses the litter, the smell of cat urine is not a problem. Just change the litter every day and cleaned every day.
the smell of cat urine can be a nightmare if your cat starts urinating in different areas of your home instead of using the litter box. I knew that and believe me it is better to find a solution before losing his head. Â
It a battle we must win and the first step is to know your enemy. Remember that your enemy is not your cat does not pee at. The enemy is your cat urine odor and stains. Â

cat urine has three main components: urea, uric acid urochrome. It also contains ammonia, water, sodium, chlorides, phosphates, sulfates and creatinine. The exact composition can vary and depend Food for your tasting. Â

The three main components are responsible for the smell of cat urine enormous problems you have when you try to remove urine stains. Â
Urea is what makes the urine sticky once it starts dry. It is very easy to clean with different products. Â

Urochrome is the pigment that causes the yellow color in urine. Is that glitters under ultraviolet light. Â
You can clean these items with ordinary cleaning and commercially available products to eliminate the odor cat urine.
The third major component of cat urine, uric acid, is the problem. Uric acid is what causes the smell the strong cat urine and make urine stains a challenge to remove. In cat urine, uric acid is more concentrated in the urine another. Cats are not big water drinkers, so that urine tends to be more concentrated and which is uric acid.
Uric acid contains non-soluble salt crystals. These crystals remain firmly attached to any surface. If the cat urine cleaning with ordinary products, it may seem that the problem is solved, but apparently only. Any type of moisture to activate the salt crystals remaining releasing the smell of cat urine again and this time it will be worse.
The process is as follows: in a first step, the bacteria decompose urea and ammonia smell emitted. In a second stage of decomposition process of mercaptan (the same found in skunk spray) are issued. Â
If bacteria are not destroyed, which increased production of ammonia and mercaptans cat urine smells much worse.
Now that you know more about his enemy, has three important tasks to do:

The first task - you must find the places where your cat has peed on.
If the urine is not fresh can be difficult to locate. In this If you must use an ultraviolet light. Does the light and urine will be easier for you to see the exact location.

Second task â € "You have to remove cat urine odors and stains.
There are many products created specifically to remove stains and odors. Not all work well and give the expected results. Some remove the smell and the stain, not permanently but only temporarily. Remove other spot, but not the smell of cat urine. See my recommended products to remove the odor and stains of cat urine constantly.

Third task is to determine why your cat is peeing everywhere and not in its litter box. Â
It may be a medical problem or behavior.

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