Corona salt shaker

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Corona Salt shaker

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Where can I buy Crown Salt and Pepper shaker tops / Caps?

Go to your local Mexican restaurant and blow them, such as 5 PAR

What better excuse to break the Mexican food and margaritas for Cinco de Mayo? Most people mistakenly believe that May 5 is the Independence Day Mexico - the equivalent of our July 4. In fact, this day is celebrated because of a great battle, the loyal Mexican army fought (with American assistance) against infidel soldiers of Mexico and ... the French. Who knew?

In any case, it is a day to celebrate liberty and fairness, here are some great ideas for Cinco de Mayo!

Headquarters: Mexico is a beautiful country, full vibrant colors and friendly people who are loyal to their friends and family. Thus, for Cinco de Mayo, why not create a family environment for a variety of ages can participate in the fun. If time permits in your area for an outdoor party, the better. Many potted plants with colorful flowers, a table covered with red, orange, vibrant blues and greens will add to the atmosphere. Add color plates and designs complex. Cinco de Mayo is a day that moderation and neutral just does not make the cut.

If your party continues late into the night, make sure you have lots of candles and lanterns. For cheap, but effective, set the mood state, just use small jars with votive candles wrapped with wire and hanging from trees.

The music always adds to the atmosphere and recommends a little ashamed of salsa. You can find new artists and styles of music you want on your list of favorites.

Attire: This is a party, then Encourage your guests to bring holiday, but comfortable clothing. Bright summer dresses and sandals for ladies and open neck shirts cotton trousers and men are right. Ladies, this is no time to exercise restraint in their jewelry. More bracelets better!

Activities: activities for kids love is to have a piñata ± ata filled with candy and small toys. You can buy it in stores or in many parts of the Quartier Latin America as a community. For adults, a tequila tasting would be fun. Many involve alcohol only Tequila as a rough hung on spring break, but there are many quality tequilas. The focus of the tasting the same way that whiskey or wine tasting.

Food: Ah, our favorite part any Cinco de Mayo. You can go simple but tasty sauce, chips, guacamole, and a do-it-yourself taco and burrito bar, or stretch their culinary efforts to include other traditional recipes from Mexico. Be sure to offer much bottles of cold water, soft drinks and one or two varieties of Mexican beer. Fun Dos Equis and Corona are always very popular and are used with salt and wedges of lime.

Over-the-Key Ideas: The best idea we can think in a large meeting is to engage a mariachi band. Your music is beautiful and will certainly give an air of authenticity to his meeting.

Another idea is to hire one or two dance teachers to give some quick lessons begin the feast. One or two hours of dancing will eliminate any guilt about the rich Mexican food.

Whatever you do, remember that Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate the wonderful feeling of freedom and a wonderful time. Ole!

Nancy Magsig is Co-Founder and COO of Here's To Good Women, Inc. The website, is dedicated to providing inspiration, ideas and gifts to help women celebrate every day.

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