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Cow Salt

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How I can do yourself cowhide rugs living room ... Help?

Hi - I have a Hereford skin (leather) is beautiful .. I determined to see it on the floor of my living room .. hmm start? First - cow skins hanging from a rope clothes, skin scratching side .. I'm going to start tomorrow I can make it last.? salt? can not find on the internet .. HELP infro

Note the leather works .... tons of stuff out there ....

Media and health problems

There are many important health issues that seem to come always at the forefront in our world today. Diseases such as cancer, AIDS and heart disease, health problems that most people are most concerned. Other health problems that cause panic as bird flu and mad cow disease. These health problems are rare, but they attract media attention so that people begin to have to worry more about them, then the health problems that should be concerned.

The purpose of the press is to create a story that will get people to watch. They provide very good, but often exaggerated.
The media play an important role in view of the public health. Unfortunately, the media is less concerned about the health of people, so it seems.

The media used to turn a small problem, no more. Avian influenza is a good example. It has never been as big of an issue of problem health than the media seems. City of Medical professionals often out of context, making it look as if the U.S. strikes. Such influence media can be very bad.

When people focus more on what the media says about health issues rarely end up concern and focus on this particular issue. When they are to worry about forgetting the real health problems that offer a real threat to them, such as cancer or heart disease. The media can be useful in many cases, but when it comes to health issues, people should take what the media has to say with a grain of salt and stick to health issues to discuss with your doctor.

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