How many holes in a salt shaker

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How many holes in a Salt shaker

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Salt and pepper - it should have more holes in the top?

My husband and I have an ongoing discussion with another partner. Assuming that increases are identical in all respects other (no clear markings on who's who), but has more holes than the other, which should put the salt?

For example, states that traditionally, the pepper is more expensive than it is easier-to-come-by salt and pepper and a companion were placed in a shaker with fewer holes to reduce consumption. Moreover, the International Guild of Professional Butler says shakers generally have larger and fewer holes to accommodate the larger grains heavier, moving faster than the pepper, although they admit there are no manufacturing standards. One website indicated that there appeared to be Both sides in this case - the "flow" of the field and the "flavor" camp. The camp that preaches the speed peppercorns are larger than grains of salt and therefore need more holes to balance the flow between the two condiments. Interestingly, we find the same argument is invested in several places, which means that the salt is coarser than pepper and doing well in the shaker with more holes. I suppose it depends on the type of salt and pepper you use. The camp taste dictates that, since people tend to use more salt than pepper, salt should go in the shaker with more holes. Of course, if you are one of many in a diet low in salt, this solution may make sense for you.

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Pulsating Sprinkler

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