Large pepper grinder

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Large Pepper grinder

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How I can fix on the salty chicken?

I found a wonderful Himalayan pink salt crystals (with windmill) in a specialty store Local. I was so excited that I use, I bought a 28 oz Cornish hen, and generously used the salt with black pepper, chopped onion, minced garlic and pepper inside chopped green. Then canceled its original form (cut in half open wash and dry with paper towels). Then I put the chicken on a large sheet of aluminum foil and added about 2 tablespoons (Pats) unsalted butter on top of chicken. I am completely wrapped and placed in an aluminum pan with about 1 1 / 2 cups of water at the bottom of the pan. My problem is that I tasted the salt for the first time after giving experience stuffed chicken and wrapped in an oven at 350 degrees! Now I'm afraid the chicken is too salty! What I can do if it is too salty after cooked? I feel so stupid!

Well, all I can think of a potato is put in its cage to absorb some of the salt. Also, if you have not been in the oven, but a few minutes and rinse out completely and start again. EDIT: Take a tin foil so that washing the salt with fat.

If you're like me, the idea of buying, much less implement a grinder of corn can be quite intimidating. I am determined to build a healthy size for food storage and wheat is expected to play a big role in that. I am also a fan of the mantra "you Store eat and eat what you store. Thus, it soon became obvious to me, I had to do serious research to discover all the mysteries surrounding the "wheat flour" or "grist" as is officially called. With the help of Internet research, hands on research in homes of several neighbors, and several false starts in the kitchen, I came with a fairly good summary of what you need to know.

Types of Wheat Moulins

Wheat Grinders Manual


  • Economic
  • Can be used with any source of energy
  • Small to store


  • SLOW to grind (mine took 6 minutes to crush a cup of flour)
  • Except for higher end models, you can not grind fine flour
  • Disadvantage (messy and difficult to mount a large container underneath)

KitchenAid Attachments


  • Less expensive than electric grinder
  • Small to store
  • Convenient to use the stove and then mix in the same machine


  • I heard from several sources that these units break your KitchenAid mixer
  • Not as fast as electric grinding mills

Wheat Grinders Electric


  • Grind very fast
  • Useful for many types of cereals, beans, nuts, etc.
  • Simple to select how coarse or fine grinding and has a wide range


  • Quite expensive even for low-end models
  • You need a generator or battery to use without electricity (except if you buy a top model comes with a crank)
  • A great device to store in your kitchen

Price of wheat mills

Wheat Grinders Manual

  • Minimum: $ 20-30 models do not grind the flour, cornmeal is thick, etc. is not very useful.
  • Medium: $ 75 - $ 175 range is a good price. Back to Basics grind grain is $ 75. You can grind enough fine for bread flour, but not for the beautiful cake flour. Wonder Junior is dearer to $ 169, but you can grind to cake flour.
  • Height: up to $ 400 for the Country Living grain mill. It is faster than other manual mills and is capable of producing a cake of fine flour.

KitchenAid Attachments

  • $ 100-120, some can be used in any stand mixer.

Wheat Grinders Electrical

  • Low: less than $ 200 for the windmills, like the grain mill Blendtec. Its disadvantages are that is very noisy and not very thick, you can grind.
  • Medium: $ 200 - $ 300, you can get a great grinder. Both grinders are electric Popular WonderMill and NutriMill. In my tests, I found WonderMill be faster, quieter, cleaner and easier to store. And at a price of $ 239 is still cheaper than NutriMill is $ 269.
  • High: over $ 300 is an amount necessary to pass in my opinion. There are models here-heavy but you can work with models of midrange.

Using wheat mills

Wheat Grinders Manual

  • Join the Wheat Grinder's office
  • Place a container under
  • Pour the corn into the funnel
  • Turn the handle (for long)
  • Wheat Farming in the cup below the filter

Wheat Grinders Electric

  • Select how fine or coarse you want Grind
  • Turn on the machine
  • Pour the corn in the upper
  • Wait it is ground into flour (super fast)
  • Turn the machine and get your boat wheat

How to Use chopped fresh whole wheat

  • Whole wheat bread can be delicious! I went through many recipes trying to find balance perfect taste, nutrition, texture, etc. for my wheat bread. Experiment with different recipes and types of wheat to find what your family prefers. We liked the use of hard white wheat in a recipe that included gluten flour and oats.
  • Pancakes and even their children I love it! I have a recipe for tortillas IHOP and simply changed the flour to whole wheat flour and it was incredible. My children ate 3 each in a single meal. They are delicious drizzled with honey on top.
  • Wheat Oatmeal Cookies can not resist. I have not tried one of these recipes yet, but several My friends say they prefer the whole wheat crackers to cookies regularly. Who would want no excuse for making biscuits, hey it's rotating food storage.
  • Much much more. I grind a large Tupperware full of wheat flour hard white and keep it in my freezer (which keeps the nutrients in this way). Whenever the execution of a bakery replace half or all of the flour called for with my wheat flour. If it's as good or better than adding the recipe to my storage folder recipes. It is a great way to experiment to find what works for you.

My Recommendations


  • If you plan to use your storage of food and a wheat grinder that if an emergency occurs, not worth the expense and hassle of buying and storing an electric grinder. At a minimum, should receive the Back to Basics grind grain, but I strongly recommend you to splurge Junior Wonder.

Each day of use

  • If you go to "store what you eat and eat what you store" I recommend the WonderMill an electric grain mill. If you are considering finding alternative sources of energy for an emergency, and finally choose a Back to Basics also grind grain. Price these two together are still less expensive than high-end power plants have a manual crank option, and functionality WonderMill is preferable to use frequent.

About the Author

Jodi is passionate about food storage and helping beginners to get started. Her food storage blog walks you through the process of setting up your family's food storage program in a series of ten simple BabySteps.

On Jodi's blog (Food Storage Made Easy) she has her favorite wheat grinder for sale at the lowest prices available online plus FREE SHIPPING. If you want to buy a WonderMill grain mill this is the best place to get it.

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