Large salt & pepper shakers

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Large salt & Pepper shakers

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Bake Ware Anchor Hocking offers ceramic cook in different styles. Its base Horno are simple containers in clear glass jars in a variety of standard formats. Offer premium line of thick, some with red handles on the handles. Basketweave has a line of glass objects with a pattern of tissue at the bottom or sides, making them fairly on a table. Anchor Hocking also offers a range of ceramic dishes for the oven, and white chocolate.

Bowls, measuring cups and Storage: Anchor Hocking Glass arches and come in clear glass cups in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of the cook at home. Glasses just graduated in 2 to 4 cm in the tower and the largest measuring cup / dough bowls come with lids. Storage plates are clear glass in the first round, square rectangular red or blue lids.

Eating utensils and drinking: Anchor Hocking offers lines of quality consumer beverage glass unleaded to suit all styles. Plain glasses, beer mugs, coffee cups, drinks, wine glasses and cups are among their parts. We also offer of glassware, serving consumer and accessories such as pie plates, bowls, butter dishes and Salt and pepper.

You also can purchase a variety of pet products and home dà © cor items made by Anchor Hocking. While his glass objects can be beautiful and Functionally, there are several care tips to keep in mind. These elements will help you make the most of your glass Anchor Hocking in the years ahead.

Do not use glass or ceramic baking ceramic everywhere, but in a gas, electric or microwave. Do not use under broiler or on the stove. In addition, make sure they are dry handles when handling hot food. Be careful when using sharp utensils. A impact with the utensil could crack, break or scratch the plate anchor Hocking. If the plaque is scratched or cracked, discard it.

Block Use Only Letters of plastic or nylon. What dishes soak before using cleansers that do not scratch. Never use metal cleaning or steel wool, food or scraping with a knife or a metal utensil. Soaking in hot soapy water will loosen baked on food so that a sufficient plastic or nylon to wash and clean the glass is removed.

Seeing the changes in temperature. When you remove the consumption Cooking Anchor Hocking freezer, thaw before placing in the oven. Do not place hot cooking ware on the fight against the cold and wet, and do not add Never cold liquid to hot dish. When using a launcher Anchor Hocking notes that was designed for cold drinks, so do not use with hot drinks at all. Also, do not put ice cubes in the pot, then pour a hot drink on the buckets. Be sure the tea is cooled before pouring over the ice, for example.

The engraving is a film caused by a combination of high temperature water, too much dishwasher detergent and water sweet. To avoid corrosion in the glass to maintain the water temperature to 140 degrees or less, use as little detergent as possible (as little as a tablespoon) and wash the glasses so much a time to allow a better quality wash. The first sign of attack is your bow sky in the glass, so watch for that to avoid further damage. Also, do not stack for storing drinks or put it in the microwave. Keep ceramic utensils away from drinking, and not to collect several pieces at once like a bouquet of flowers.

If you follow these tips, Consumer cooking Anchor Hocking and other items that last for years.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers