Long lost salt shaker

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Long lost Salt shaker

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What is the main reason the oceans are salty?

a. Elimination of freshwater in the form of icebergs. B. Sea water evaporates in the hot sun, causing increased concentration of ions, which in turn causes the salinity of the ocean to rise. c. Significant amounts of dissolved ions from erosion chemical continent again as not to precipitate minerals or cements, and eventually make their way into the oceans by rivers. d. The winds of particles of halite from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. E. Because of this long lost shaker of salt in Margaritaville.

The correct answer is c significant amounts of dissolved ions of chemical weathering of continents do not precipitate again as minerals or cements, and eventually make their way into the oceans by rivers. seawater is salty because it contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals known collectively as the salts. About 3.5% of seawater is composed of salts, depending where in the world, is the equatorial waters tend to be saltier, while the northern waters are getting cooler. This A number of factors that make salty ocean, and scientists are very interested in the content of sea salt, because it contributes to traffic flows that cross the ocean in a process known as the thermohaline circulation. One reason that the ocean is the salt has to do with the sea floor, which contains a large variety of minerals and organic matter dissolved slowly eroding and fed by the ocean movement. As the sea eats the ocean, the salt content increases. The ocean floor is renewed constantly, another to the salty sea, the seabed news coverage more minerals dissolved in the water as emissions from hydrothermal vents and cracks on the seabed.

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