Mini salt & pepper shakers

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Mini salt & Pepper shakers

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Memo to anyone starting a tea service: You can do quite well with the classic Old Country Roses, made by Royal Albert.

This timeless China has been made since 1962 in several versions, and is still going strong. Old Country Roses has been around long enough to was the mother and model of porcelain grandmother, he is one of the few models of any manufacturer that has been done for over 40 years.

The pattern features pink flowers red and yellow with green leaves, in many variants. On the forms, this model is made of corrugated cardboard and not the version folds. There is also a version Vacations, garden and apricot versions. And that's not all.

Part of what makes this classic Chinese is the charm of the land rose. It brings to mind relaxed tea and dinner. The best of the old mixed with the enjoyment of the story.

Besides the various versions of the standard and generally there are several variations of items like cups, cream, jam jars, and Salt and pepper.

Then there are the corresponding songs available for expanding your collection beyond China, as the piggy bank and phone. There are also baking dishes, glass, cardboard boxes, recipes, aprons and cloth handles and covered with metal.

Anyone who seeks to expand its set of dishes to include more floral parts that can not go wrong with this model. Many models feature roses that can be mixed and matched successfully with an adjustment of the table.

The variety of pieces made in this model, like oatmeal bowls, Bowls and sweet dishes, can help increase the versatility of China serving a menu style, without investing in a complete set of new China. Simply mix these parts more specialized your existing crockery complementary.

Old Country Roses is one model that is classic period at the same time. Old and new, all in one.

If you liked these suggestions, I have more on my blog at for more on how to mix and match your dinnerware, china and glassware in creative table settings, along with more links to ideas, recipes and tales from our dish-hunting travels.

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers