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Pepper mills trudeau

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I need a good quality peppermill - where can I find one in UK - mail order would be OK.?

I love pepper on my food, especially fresh ground black pepper from peppercorns. The only problem I have is with Peppermills. They never last more than about six months. Is it me?? - I've had cheap ones, expensive ones and even electric ones but eventually they stop working, either the mill gets blunt or the workings just clog up. I would dearly love to find a good quality mill here in the UK or even one via mail order from anywhere in the world. Any one got any ideas???

there is a good quality mill made by a company called "TRUDEAU", different sizes and prices,but they seem fairly durable, we have used them for years.

Vitamin C, The Master Nutrient

A report in Lancet, March 2001, stated those with highest levels of vitamin C in their blood had one half risk of death all causes, including heart disease. Dr. Kay Tee Khaw found there was a decreased risk of cancer for those with high levels of C in their blood. German physician Matthias Rath theorizes cholesterol is used by body as a temporary repair substance for walls of arteries when there is not enough of C complex available permanently repair arterial damage. In addition, there is abundant research show vitamin C is vital for many fundamental processes in body. For example, it is a well known immune system builder as well as an aid in maintaining healthy skin, eyes and gums and in forming collagen. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which means it can help protect your body free radicals created in abundance in modern world by stress, pollution and toxins.

Additional Functions of Vitamin C in BodyIn addition above to the functions, C complex does a lot of other things in body. In fact, some have called it a nutrient "extraordinaire." Vitamin C can aid in tissue growth and repair, and is hence helpful in healing after surgery. It also as acts as a natural antihistamine and can protect against development of allergies. Studies have shown C can help reduce asthma symptoms as well. The C vitamin aids in manufacture of hormones adrenaline and cortisone and also in neurotransmitter norepinephrine. Neurotransmitters critical for proper brain function and mood. Vitamin C has been found aid in proper adrenal and thyroid function. It also helps regulate cholesterol levels and reduce incidence of gallstones. The C complex vitamin also increases absorption of iron, and can combine with toxins in body like heavy metals and turn them into harmless substances so they can be eliminated body. Huge amounts of C found in adrenal, pituitary and thymus glands, as well as in retina in your eyes. Many other organs, like brain, lungs, liver, spleen, thyroid and pancreas also contain much higher amounts of C than your blood does.Vitamin C is needed make carnitine, which is used help transfer energy cells. This may explain why some feel an increase of energy when adding vitamin C-rich foods their diet. Recent studies have shown have adequate C, will oxidize 30% more fat during moderate exercise than those with low C. This implies C vitamin may be useful for weight loss. In fact, recent research has shown level of vitamin C in body is inversely related body mass. This means more overweight are, lower your levels of C. People of normal weight tend have higher levels of C vitamin. In addition, it appears vitamin C dilutes fat, which makes it easier flush out of your system. Try adding some vitamin C-rich fruits or vegetables each meal, like citrus fruits, red peppers, parsley or broccoli. This may well increase your metabolism and hence increase your ability get rid of fat. If this isn't enough, might want consider adding a whole food C complex supplement your diet.Another way C may help with weight loss is by helping boost your mood and feeling of well being. You don't need a study know dieting often causes be in a poor mood, and in turn often causes go off your diet. So C vitamin, especially in form of natural camu camu berries can help maintain an up mood while dieting. In fact, camu camu berries appear provide nutritional support brain needs optimize its own mood-balancing chemicals.

So make sure and add vitamin C your diet having a hard time losing weight, especially an older adult.Vitamin C is truly an extraordinary nutrient!About Author: Karen Sargent is owner of several health-related websites and has written numerous articles about healthy living, whole food supplements, natural weight loss and more.

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