Pepper mills

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Pepper mills

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I have a line of pepper mills (see and I am looking for distributors across Canada. Ideas?

High End Canadian art, craft and gift shops that would be perfect.

You must find the association of retailers in Canada. We only a small gift shop in Quebec, we are interested in buying unique gifts, as their product, but can not buy the volume. Made in Canada are very fashionable now. Each province has a talent show being held in Montreal, Que. at Place Bonaventure in the 25,26,27 th of this month. See Don fairs and exhibitions and you will find some contacts there. Good Luck

The peppers are a popular plant to grow indoors or outdoors anywhere in the world if you're in a hot or cold, there is always a possibility you will be able to successfully develop and obtain peppers peppers tasty all year without the necessary expert advice.

The choice of peppers in unbelievable right now, and with at least 2,500 new species of pepper being created every year and many of them have not even time to give his name, pepper perfect song to be there, and there is always something new to try each year to all tastes.

The best place to get peppers is normally in the garden centers or seed specialists, if you're lucky to have nearby. These areas will give you a wide selection of seeds of different varieties of peppers to grow and everyone should have a good description of the back all the things you need pepper and pepper is what flavor wise, but if you do not every time the word pass through packets of seeds infinite reading, which will be best for you, here are some popular options which should suit most people's needs and tastes.

Habanero Peppers

The orange or red peppers are hot, if you want to get hot and spicy peppers then these are for you. At roughly 200,000 to 300,000 Scoville units you will not be able to prove too much after eating one of them.


It is a very popular choice in bottled salsa due to the strong flavor of these peppers, a good choice to grow if, as something with a bit, but not as hot as the Habanero, a great taste and pepper.


These are the peppers available, very easy to grow and have a spicy taste to them at all, these peppers are ideal for family meals for children and in salads, informed producers of Chile for the first time.

Cayenne Pepper

Another very hot pepper just below the hot pepper and spicy habanero you measure 5000 to 30,000 Scoville heat making it the second most famous peppers, Nice strong pepper flavor perfect for dipping.

Serrano Peppers

These peppers have very thin walls making them easy to cook and prepare. sheet is well developed for all round taste, heat units, and easy to grow. Better to eat when it is green and not left to mature.

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