Pepper Shaker Set

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Pepper shaker Set

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on a set of salt and Pepper shakers which one should have two holes and which one should have three?

i just need to know if the Salt shaker should have 2 holes and the pepper should have 3, or vice-versa.

Salt cellars have fewer holes, traditionally just one. Pepper cellars have many more holes, sometimes half a dozen or more.

therefore in your case; salt-2 holes.

Glass Salt Cellars are a great way to add an elegant touch to your table and a wonderful (and sought after) collectors item. Salt cellars are used to hold individual servings of salt for each place setting at a table. Although guests would originally use their fingers to pinch the salt out the use of a sterling silver salt spoon for seasoning food became popular around 1910. Salt cellars date back to the Middle Ages and remained popular until World War II when Salt and pepper shakers became the norm for dining room tables as the use of salt for seasoning decreased and individual servings were no longer required.


Glass cellars are a timeless addition to any fine tableware collection. Typically cellars are made of glass but they are also available in glass, china, metals or even wood. The primary use of these cellars has shifted from the dining room to the kitchen where they can be used during cooking to hold individual spices in small, easily accessible containers. Glass cellars especially are available in a wide variety of colors from elegant crystal clear to vibrant cobalt blue and ruby red.

Glass cellars are produced today – allowing you to easily incorporate them into your fine tableware collection. It is a simple way to introduce an elegant and attention to detail to your dining room table. Be sure to follow a few simple steps when selecting your cellars. First, use glass cellars for all your place settings. Second, make sure provide sterling salt spoons for each cellar. By using glass salt cellars you can use different designs and colors – you need not use the same Salt cellar for every setting.

Glass cellars are readily available online as well as in many catalogs. Search for glass and be sure to ask questions. When you start to collect sterling salt cellars you can be sure that different shapes and combinations will work together nicely. These glass salt cellars can be found online through LookInTheAttic & Company and they also offer free assistance and help.

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