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Pepper shakers Black

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Black pepper can cause eye damage?

Yesterday, my three year-old daughter played with a pepper and managed to extend a right amount of pepper black eyes. Today, the eyes look very red and irritated. I fear this could cause eye damage. Thanks for any advice you have.

It Rabies is probably, but should not be too serious. Any form of dust or fine particles can get there and do things red and angry, but the tears are washing much of it. If not (or if you are not going fast enough for his taste), you can rinse eyes with water or saline. Unless, hit to their local eye doctor and see if anything has the past - may have done something else, like scratching the eye to light, plus get the pepper in it. In any case, I can not think in any way possible so that could cause permanent damage - usually as harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures or bacteria cause scarring -- so do not worry too much!

Cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world *, but there are other causes of blindness are avoidable, and should be treaties.

Glaucoma is occurs when the fluid inside the eyeball does not empty properly. This pressure causes it to accumulate in the eyeball, which damages the optic nerve and causes vision loss irreparable.

There are early signs of glaucoma - which is why it is important to have an eye health check once a year to capture this state when it is still time to do something. (In fact, the case with most diseases and conditions. The sooner it is diagnosed early to be cured, if not cured or controlled).

Macular degeneration is a serious condition. The macula is the part of the eye that allows you to see the details thinner in the center of your vision (as opposed to peripheral vision.) When the macula is broken, there is a blind or "fuzzy" right place central vision. Unfortunately, this condition usually affects both eyes simultaneously. There is no cure for this.

Then there of diabetic retinopathy. Leaky capillaries of the retina, causing blurred vision. To avoid this, you must keep your diabetes under control. (Assuming you have diabetes!) It is possible that laser therapy to seal leaking capillaries.

What if you have poor eyesight.

Prepare the environment to help as much as possible.

1. Bright colors are easier to see the colors (and are happier, too). Paint the wood around doors, and differentiate between the floor and stairs of their bands.

2. More light is always a good idea. If you are still using only 60 watts, go to 100. Use two or three lights to give enough light.

3. We always said that the conservation of energy, but you must go by the wayside when it comes to security. As we age, our eyes are more difficult to adjust from light to darkness. Therefore, normally you want to leave the lights in every room of your house that you visit regularly throughout the day so you do not into a room and wait for your eyes to adjust (or worse, * not * expect to adjust, and eventually stumble on something.)

4. Night lights that illuminate the corridors and the path to the bathroom are a must!

5. If you eat, it is likely that the lights of the restaurant will be dark. Usually they are. They have a small flashlight in your bag or pocket, which can be used to illuminate menu. And help you find your car and the key hole lock Gateway and so on!

6. Large screen TVs are easier to see that old small screens. Many people say that is easier for them to see in black and white instead of color ... Good luck finding a b & w TV these days, but you can still work with the color controls television at best.

7. Magnifiers to read the job very well

8. Large print books are available in all libraries - And they are not the books you want, you can always ask for interlibrary loan.

9.Buy utensils bright colors. Buy Salt and pepper two different ways, so as not to confuse. Indeed, color coding and encoding of form are the way to go with something in the kitchen.

As we age, our vision becomes increasingly important to us. The time we are concerned about driving or finding the right title = "find a home for the elderly high-level"> Engine better living standards, we must keep our eyes healthy as possible.

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