Pepper Shakers Ceramic

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Pepper shakers Ceramic

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I have a collection of Looney Toon items still in the pkgs. Think they have some worth?

Its hard to find these items anymore because I am not sure that they still have the Warner Bros. stores where I purchased most of my items. I have pewter and ceramic mugs, a cookie jar, a salt n Pepper shaker set all in the original packages. I have stamps, calendars (unopened) and many other items. Anybody have any info for me? Thanks in advance.

Check on places like eBay to see what they might be selling for. A serious collector will want to check them out.

The world seems to be composed of two types of people: collectors and non collectors. I must admit I am a member of this second group, and sometimes difficult to understand why people gather collections ... things. It has been my observation that collectors thrive on nostalgia, while Collectors rejoice for more and better gadgets, electronics, etc. etc. I know someone who has a collection of digital assistants (PDA's) start date, but I consider an exception to the rule.

Most of my friends who are collectors to accumulate a little strange assortment of items. A couple collects baseball memorabilia, and has at least a hundred bats, several dozen baseballs Autographed and other items relating to baseball. I suspect that are genetically predisposed to the collection, as collections, they also own advertising boxes, dishes and knives pen. The last time I visited, which had mounted an exhibition of ... opener. Yes, old metal can and bottle openers dating back to the days before twist-off bottle caps and cans refreshments higher.

Another friend has a collection of cows. No, not living, breathing animals, but articles on issues related to the cow. It is more than a generalist, not too picky about what is happening in your collection. Another friend, who collected Pez dispensers (you know, it's sweeter than bad taste seem Children to love) is very specific about the containers are an acceptable addition to your collection.

Since a third collector, is sometimes difficult navigate through potential gifts. Once made the mistake of admiring a unique Salt and pepper friend. Although there has never collect salt and pepper, now I am religiously a new set of ceramic Salt and pepper shakers every Christmas. It has even been discussed another friend to give gifts that will add to my collection. "Not that I'm ungrateful for the gifts, I just think the person has two sets of salt and pepper shakers - one for everyday use and one for big dinners.

I love my friends - one of which includes sprays and other scents that collects Zippo lighters, but sometimes they go too far. Garage of a friend is full of camping gear that goes back 30 years or more. He did serves and never complains constantly about his lack of storage space, however, continues to add to your collection.

E-commerce has only fueled the fire of my collector friends. They no longer have to go shopping in garage sales or antique shops to find their knives, Zippos, and camping equipment. Now you can go online. Trade with other collectors, are addicted to online auctions, and learn about e-commerce sites electronics who specialize in your collection.

Shake your head in amazement, and direct my attention to the latest gadgets and electronics. Once I sent my songs on my iPod nano, but I must remember to dust the salt and pepper.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers