Pepper Shakers Mint

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Pepper shakers Mint

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Flight Check List?

What are some of the most common items that people forget to take with them during vacation?

• Tackle box
• Knife
• Rod
• Clam rake
• Clam bag
• Cooler
• Sand spike
• Bucket
• Travel coffee mug
• Sun Glasses

• Nikon – T
• Nikon – A
• Flash
• Lens
• Video camera
• Video battery charger
• Video TV connection

• Cell – A
• A Charger
• Cell – T
• T Charger
• Walkie Talkies
• W-T Charger

Beach & Pool
• Boogie board
• Noodles
• Floats
• Towels
• Bags
• Swim suits
• Sandals
• Water shoes
• Sea shell bags
• Sand toys
• Beach Umbrella
• Chairs
• Hats
• Sun Glasses

Drug Store Stuff
• Sunscreen
• Pain relievers
• Decongestant
• Razor
• Shaving cream
• Soap
• Shampoo
• Band-aids
• After shave
• Finger nail clippers
• Tweezers

Rain Gear
• Coat (Gore-tex)
• Pants (Gore-tex)
• Poncho
• Plastic coat
• Umbrella
• Boots

• Sleeping bag
• Pad
• Pillow
• Blow up bags
• Blankets
• Slippers
• PJs

• Alarm clock
• Watch

• Big tent
• Ground cloth
• Little tent
• Ground cloth
• Orange fly
• Rope

• Rope
• Harness
• Rack
• Shoes

Wood cutting
• Chain saw
• Gas/oil
• Chain Oil
• Hard hat
• Goggles
• Hearing Protection
• Wrench/screw driver
• Spare chain
• Pruning saw
• Bow saw
• ¾ axe
• hand axe
• Sven saw
• Pocket knife

• Cards
• Cranium
• Uno
• Nature Bingo
• Dice
• Yatzee
• I-spy

Car toys
• Leap pad
• Drawing desk
• Crayon/pencils
• Paper
• Color Wonder Marker
• Paper
• World toy
• Magna-doodle
• Coloring book
• Reading book

• Small TV
• Bag TV/VCR
• Videos
• DVD player
• DVDs
• CD player
• CDs
• AC/DC Inverter
• DC/AC Inverter

• Lap top
• Power cord
• 3 ½” drive
• CD/DVD drive
• Blank CDs
• Projector and cords
• 3 prong adapter
• Extension cord
• DC/AC Inverter

• Shorts
• Pants
• Jeans
• Long sleeve t-shirt
• Short sleeve t-shirt
• Polo shirt
• Sweatshirt
• Underwear
• Socks

• Polar Fleece
• Wax Coat
• Orvis Coat

• Coat
• Pants
• Belt
• Shoes
• Socks
• Shirt
• Tie

• Boots
• Sneakers
• Dress
• Sandal
• Water shoes

• Little stove
• Big stove
• Fuel
• Matches
• Starting ribbon
• Kettle
• Pot
• Cast-Iron Skillet
• Dutch oven

• Candle lantern
• Coleman lantern
• Fuel
• Flashlight
• Head lamp

• Collar
• Red leash
• Green leash
• Blue/white leash
• Food
• Treats
• Toys
• Nature’s Miracle
• Towel
• Bowls
• Water
• Shampoo

Beach house toys
• Dress-up
• Polly Pockets
• Nature Bingo
• I-spy
• Uno
• Crazy Eights

Girls Extra
• Hair detangler
• Hair things
• Comb
• Brush
• Tooth brush
• Kid soap
• Kid shampoo
• Kid toothpaste
• Scrubby brush
• Water bottles
• Sippy cup
• Bib
• Guys
• Blankets
• Pull-ups

Car snacks
• Apples
• Granola
• Twizlers
• Pretzels
• Pop tarts
• Water bottle
• Gum

Beach food
• Nutella
• Recipes
• Splenda
• Tea
• Dish washer detergent
• Garbage bags
• Milk
• Loaf of bread
• Bar soap
• Toilet roll
• Garlic
• Capers
• Mint (both recipes)
• Parsley
• Anchovies
• Dijon
• Red wine vinegar
• Olive oil
• Gherkins
• Salt/Pepper shaker
• Lime juicer
• Dish towels
• Coffee
• Coffee grinder
• Laundry Detergent

• Beer
• Wine
• Gin
• Tonic
• Limes
• Champagne
• Beer jacket

• Long johns
• Polar fleece
• Coat
• Hat
• gloves
• face mask
• scarf
• boots

Cross country Ski
• Skis
• Shoes
• Gators
• Poles
• Gloves
• Liners
• Face mask
• Hat
• Glasses
• Long johns
• Vest
• socks

Mountain bike
• Helmet
• Glasses
• Shoes
• Socks
• Shorts
• Shirt
• Coat
• Bike rack
• Lock
• Bungee cords
• Water bottle
• Pump
• Spare tire
• Tools

• Canoe
• Paddles
• Cushions
• Life jacket
• Anchor lines
• Water proof bags
• Bug-shirt
• Sun Glasses

Shopping aids
• Color samples of rooms
• Pictures of china or glassware
• Measurements of spaces

Other Stuff
• Binoculars
• Monoculars

• EZ-Pass
• Car Window Shade
• Sun Glasses
• Maps

Girls have been known to have a folder of unique wedding ideas that they have clipped and collected for years until their big day finally arrives. Some people have a vague idea of what they would like their wedding to be like and leave the nitty gritty to a wedding planner. Others plan out every minute detail themselves and have quite a few wedding favor ideas to choose from well in advance.

Regardless of which category you fall in, ideas for wedding favors can range from the tacky to the treasured. Contrary to what you might think, it's not just how big a budget you have that determines how good your wedding favor idea will be. A little homework, a little patience and a lot of creativity (original or borrowed) are the ingredients in the recipe to a great wedding favor idea.

Tacky Favors

Extremely lovey-dovey wedding favors are not a good idea as what you feel for your spouse (right now) may not really interest 200 people a few weeks later. Leave all the mushy sentimental poems and love songs for your own exchange; give people something they would like.

People spend money to attend a wedding and while they are not in it to make money, they would at least like to leave with a small trinket of the wedding that looks like it has thought put in to it; not just a crate full of standardized mint tins that they could have bought from the gas station on the way back home. Don't make yourself look cheap by making your guests feel uncared for. Just like you take pains in seeing to the dress, the décor and the food, look through several wedding favor ideas online an in bridal magazines and something just might click.

Classic yet Predictable Favors

The candied almonds wrapped in net, the personalized Hershey's kiss and the monogrammed candles are all sweet ideas, but if anyone has ever been to a wedding before yours, they've seen them all. However, you don't need to go over budget to come up with a good wedding favor idea. Take the classic and put a twist on it.

Instead of the famous Hershey's kiss, opt for personalized M&M's in the color of your wedding; they even put your name and wedding date on the candy. Instead of the monogrammed candle, add a candle holder so that even after your candle burns out, your guests can make use of it.

Another way you can make your wedding favor idea have a longer shelf life is not to include anything perishable or consumable. If you really want your guests to be able to keep the favor, opt for non-perishable items such as pens and frames as opposed to flowers and sweets.

Themed Favors

The best wedding favor idea is to tie it to the theme of your wedding. If you got married on the beach, consider a pair of flip fop fridge magnets or palm tree Salt and pepper shakers. The wedding favor ideas do not have to scream wedding and they do not have to be white, silver or pastel. They have to be something that looks interesting and people can keep for a while.

So while a flip flop magnet may not say Amanda Weds Jason, it is something your guests can look at everyday and think about you if you are close to them. If you're not that close to begin with, any favor will any ways be handed to the kids as a Happy Meal toy when they are picked up from the sitters!

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