Pewter salt shaker

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Pewter Salt shaker

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Anyone who has heard about B & M tin? Recently started a new hobby collecting salt and Pepper shakers?.

Recently began collecting Salt and pepper shakers that I have acquired this unique set of shakers pewter and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them. There are also a number of stamp is 7162. Thanks in advance for any information provided.

I do not think it's individual interest or scarcity ... which appears as a common name which is the design of modern cars ... From what I see. Of course, society could be quite old, but one can assume that if Google does not throw anything up then, is not extraordinary.

Giving wedding gifts and Irish wedding customs of many in Ireland, is steeped in folklore, magic and superstition of ancient Ireland.

Deciding what gift to give to their friends on their big day will be easier once you learn more about some of the traditional wedding gifts of Ireland and the mean.

La Campana
If the bell to be tin, brass, porcelain or glass, will drive away evil spirits who may be lurking to topple the newlyweds.

Also known as "make-up bell" or "Wedding Bell," helps the Bride and Groom always aware of their wishes and the love they have shared their wedding day. So when you are angry with each other can communicate Bell instead of Off.

The Magic Hanky
There is a wonderful wedding Irish custom for the bride to wear a "magic" handkerchief day his marriage.

After marriage, she keeps in a special place saved for the christening of their firstborn, for drying your baby's face. A variant of this tradition of marriage in Ireland is that the tissue becomes a christening bonnet, then converted into a handkerchief for the wedding day of the child.

The marriage of currencies
Another old tradition of Irish marriage for the groom to give his girlfriend after a currency exchange rings as a symbol of prosperity. This usually comes back when the groom pays money to the family of the bride for good luck and happiness.

A modern interpretation of this custom is that the bride and coins in exchange for groom. They say that if the parts touch during the exchange, the bride and groom will be blessed with many children.

The Lucky Horseshoe
The horseshoe has always been associated with luck in Irish folklore. Brides traditionally carry a horseshoe with them on the wedding day for good luck.

After having presented their home together, the horseshoe is hung on his bridge to continue to repel evil and despair. Remember that if you give the couple a horseshoe, give them to the "U" UP - this way to stop the chance to drain out!

Other lucky that make great wedding gifts from Ireland are:

  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
    So your house will never short of food.
  • Cups
    So always have lots to drink.
  • Candlestick Holders
    So your house will always have light.

Gifts are an important part of the culture of hospitality in Ireland. So if you have been invited to a wedding in Ireland is important to choose your wedding gifts wisely. Hopefully some of the traditional Irish Wedding Gifts have given you some ideas.

Deborah Felker is the editor of, featuring in-depth articles about the meaning of Irish and Celtic symbols and many articles to help plan Irish and Celtic weddings.

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers