Roman Arch

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Roman Arch

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How do the Romans as a great chest?

They knew how to calculate the stress and fatigue.

All people of old was able to experiment, and the Romans were models. With the same material, same width, same size, is that the farther from the beach to hang your weight, less weight is needed to break the duration. Assuming that the edges are the solid ground to resist the weight of the object to be suspended, making it to the support beams of 1 / 2 to 1 / 3.1 / 4 the length of the bridge deck itself upright beams going to the floor. Thus, essentially make a series of small Bridges in the longest bridge, which transfers the load to the vertical beams and the force on the ground.

Reasons to visit the Roman Forum in Rome

Rome is famous for its many monuments and buildings that remain from antiquity. Whole experiment to see structures such as the Colosseum, Circus Maximus and the Pantheon, when we know that being next to more modern buildings.

The location of the keys do not visit the Coliseum, even if it is, of course, is worth watching. Your first objective should be the Roman Forum.

When you see what the Roman Forum, you'll see why attracts many visitors each year. Not just a building, but consists several temples, arches and basilicas. As such, there is something to keep you busy, and explore a day, more if you explore all structures in detail.

Be prepared to do some walking if you want to see everything, and make a plan where I go first if you can. Be sure to drink plenty of bottled water with you - if you visit during the summer months will be difficult sometimes because of the heat.

Some places are more popular than others, like the Temple of Caesar, for example. This has been ongoing since 29BC. The temple was built after Caesar was killed by the assistants in the Senate. Be prepared for crowds if you visit during the main part of the day - to stick at times cooler if possible.

Elsewhere in the Roman Forum can see the Arch of Septimius Severus. It was built in 203AD, and towers 23 meters above the ground. Detail in the arc itself is quite surprising, especially when you consider all the centuries that have elapsed since it was built first.

While some of the Roman Forum survived very However, other parts of his standing in the ruins. A key example is the temple of Castor and Pollux. These are the twins who are known as Gemini - the word actually means twins in America.

Only three pillars are weak up in the sky. Somewhere between the fourth century and 15 th century, most of the structure was destroyed in one or more events whose origins remain a mystery. The most likely not Who knows what happened.

As you can see, the Roman Forum is an opportunity to return to ancient Roman history in a way unique structure is not in the city. There are numerous temples and arches present to tell his own story, and if you want to book a room in one of many Hotels in Rome available nearby, you can also wait for back in time and standing in the family of Julius Caesar once stood.

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