Salt and pepper grinder

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Salt and pepper grinder

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What is the best place to buy?

A Salt and pepper? Ive tried Argos but not sold. All I could try other places. Thanks for all the stores you can recommend. Salud!

Argos, if you call 0870 600 20 20 (Argos, direct), may order any item they have (usually is stored in the warehouse) and delivery in 2-3 days if she does not try Thery Lakefield good for this sort of thing or do a search on the Internet, like eBay / Amazon

You've probably heard of the company Tupperware. The company was founded in 1946 by a man named Earl Tupper. The company has always I was intrigued, so I decided to do some research. Please read my personal review of the company fairly. Are they a scam or legitimate?

In 1960, Tupperware moved to Europe to develop the business. Over the years the firm has grown steadily and now have offices in almost every country in the world. The possibility is almost the same in each country.

Initially, their product line consisted mainly of items to use food storage, so they remain fresh and last longer. Today, However, the range of Tupperware products is much broader. Now they sell products like cooking utensils and rations, cooking utensils and food preparation. Let me summarize a list of their products:

1. Articles Microwave

Products for heating, Steam and / or serving food.

2. Tools for chef

Mixers, knives, grinders, citrus fruit, can opener, Salt & Pepper shakers, spoons, spatulas ... the list goes on ...

3. Refrigerator Items

Product store easy food in the refrigerator and space savings, such as containers, boxes, bottles, cups, bowls, etc. .. ...

4. Food items to carry and use

Products take food with you on progress. People of good offices children, outdoor workers, hikers and families for a picnic. This category includes vessels, vases, plates, cups, bowls, etc. ..

5. Crockery and cutlery items

A wide range of products such as pots, pans and then not to mention a wide range of cutlery.

6. Other food storage

Items for storing breads, biscuits, cereals, pastries, herbs, spices, etc.. .

There products are safe to use and have been tested in many laboratories in different countries.

How do I sell Tupperware products?

They are a MLM company with products usually are sold through Planning Group. To organize a celebration at home, invite lots of friends and family, introduce them to products and opportunity, and start sell. You also organize events in schools, workplaces, hotels, etc. .. ... You will be rewarded with fresh produce, according the number of sales that are created during an event.

In addition to products that are sold through party plans, their products can also be purchased in some stores in stores or online.


Tupperware Company is not in my personal opinion a scam and totally legitimate. They have good reputation AA. They are nevertheless an MLM company, This encourages him to see his friends and family. You need to organize events and organize parties. If you like this, when this opportunity might be something you can be successful with.

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