Salt and pepper shaker holes

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Salt and Pepper shaker holes

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Question relates Salt and pepper (holes in the top). Who goes where?

Although there is no manufacturing standard include salt and Pepper shakers, has always been the practice of putting salt in the shaker with holes larger and less to reflect the grain of salt, which are more and more heavy pepper

I rise today in defense of the hamburger and an egg and two noble foods which take place almost totally indifferent to the appetite U.S..

Paradoxically, the ruin of one is the salvation of others.

Most cooks burgers with fried eggs too slowly and too fast. Fast Stamps hot gravy and characters slightly the outer surface. I am not a Tatar who likes raw meat, but I agree with the school who argued that the selection of a Once the rose has been the meat is ruined.

Low, low, low temperature is the secret of good cooking an egg. The only proper way to fry an egg on a sidewalk hot. Not very sanitary and almost always get the image on the paper when you try. However, frozen white and yellow, with no harden sterilized.

A member of Congress from Michigan, worked a few years ago, when he been served a piece of cherry pie with small restaurant. It stands on its hind legs hind legs on the floor of the House of Representatives and the cooks took to the task. Subsequently, the quality of Washington, DC, tart cherries improved.

It is time for a champion hamburger and the egg came forward to take its rightful place in history.

The filaments of a pound of ground beef with an area of over an acre. Oxidation of this surface begins when he is forced to the crusher. Within half an hour, the natural flavor of good meat is completely hidden by putrefaction.

Probably not more than two hundred people have experienced a true taste of the good ground beef. As preparation, the hamburger is more than most steaks.

Tasty Burger because I repeat not, be a non-thin. "Around the word" risk material. Chuck or shoulder is better to grind as it is softer and has a good amount of fat.

Regardless of their location in the cow, lean meat must be supplemented with tallow. Most butchers will start on a piece of sweet fat-free if the bear characters hepatitis, knowing that to be truly indispensable. Ideally, a mix of burgers should be a 25 per cent of tallow and fat and 75 percent lean meat without cartilage.

Gourmet maintain a meat grinder in your kitchen a power accessory for transformers Food is an inexpensive and lay the hamburger the minute she goes into the pot. If you can not crash for you, the hamburger, when the freeze-thaw arrives home later, you can immerse yourself in a cellar of an entire class to maintain the air.

Ever, Never, ever press a hamburger pie he bruises easily. Mold the meat with enough care to ensure that it holds. There is a special place in hell for restaurateurs who fell before the idol of portion control and press the burgers with metal pistons. Capillary pressure and makes meat fibers gingiva.

The burgers should be at least an inch thick when observed on the grill, and should be fried in butter or lard. Fats and oils, production of a product other than the burger.

Those who love the taste of fat smoke from fire timber vegetable burgers will be much more ash on the coals after a blazing fast. This hardens the meat a little, but the only way I know that the practice of keeping the Fed fat fire cooking hamburger unevenly.

If you like the hamburger with ketchup, like me, the spread Red goo in French fries. The only moral condiments for the hamburgers are butter, salt and pepper.

Now consider the special qualities eggs. Nature does it dish in a perfect container to better protect its chemical gel.

We speak of brittle materials as thin as a shell egg, indicating that the general ignorance. Locking of fingers, palms on the ends of an egg. Squeeze. If you can break a man you better than I, Gunga Din.

Do not take much of a philosopher at the conclusion of a treasure in a safe place to develop.

Like all precious things, an egg must be handled with care. It is a shy creature and if coagulates quickly. Personally, I like eggs with dark yellow brown yellow. Egg yolks are pale white makes me chicken does not get enough sun. My friends say farmers brown and white eggs are just as nutritious.

Fried eggs are constantly bathed in butter or hot bacon grease are the best flavor. In maneuvering to cook an egg on both sides is permissible if it is "easy" and only 30 seconds to a simmer.

The eggs are cooked pampered, unboiled. A little cream mixed with scrambled eggs before. that are placed on the plate kept moist and soft. Slabs of clay Bake Cream thick placed in large pots of water. Overcooking makes Bubbley cream. Ugh!

For a change, especially if not a bit like eggs, first, try a few drops of vinegar into the egg. If you put ketchup on eggs and then go stand in the corner.

Lazy people will like my recipe request for premium eggs egg-Gas Chamber. The two sides of a buttered slice of bread, then start the center. Location A well buttered to 250 degrees. Break an egg into the hole in the pan and cook until you can not see the pan through the egg white. Turn bread and eggs and cook another minute. Fry bread began at once.


If you think I'm bone on hamburgers and eggs, wait until you get to laugh at these terrible concoctions called coffee and southern fried chicken.

Transfer the belly bigger and better!

May 28, 1969


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