Salt and shaker

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Salt and shaker

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Do you suffer from hypertension? Many Americans. This is a health problem that is growing rapidly. For some people, hypertension is hereditary, for others it is due to excess weight by eating junk food that contains too much carbohydrate and fat in excess. Your doctor may prescribe a drug for this indication, but you also want to adjust your diet for better results. Optimal blood pressure is 120/80 or less. Have you checked your last? If you have High blood pressure is very important keep a watchful eye on their numbers. Some people own every day.

You know, the first thing to do is cut the salt. Hide The salt shaker at home. Most foods already contain so much salt. You do not want to add more. An excellent way to reduce your salt intake is to avoid fast food and highly processed "foods such as instant noodles in a cup" and that sort of thing. "Basically, all waste is taken from a box, heat and eat within a few minutes should be avoided.

Here is a list of five healthy foods that will help keep your blood pressure:

1. The high-fiber foods: Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These are great for Health blood pressure and heart and in general. It is best eaten raw when possible for best results.

2. Celery: Believe it or not, a compound found in celery called phthalide (3NB) that effectively improve blood circulation. Do not eat one or two celery stalks a day can significantly improve their blood pressure numbers. One good thing about celery is that is easy to consume. First Eat healthy snacks throughout the day, put them in your juicer and drink, or to add the homemade vegetable soup.

3. Garlic: Eat fresh garlic, add to your meal will help reduce your blood pressure. Eat Garlic helps to open up arteries, allowing blood flow easier. You have to take on a regular basis for best results. If you do the smell and taste of raw garlic, you can find many natural supplements good garlic in your food store. You can even get a "no smell" version. Less bad breath and thus the value of additional cost. A note of caution, garlic also acts as a natural blood thinner and should not be taken by some people already using drugs or anticoagulants that do not want their blood thinner. Check your doctor if you think this applies to you.

4. Tomatoes: Eat tomatoes, but they are a rich source of lycopene. Lycopene lowers blood pressure. Eat two or three tomatoes a day or fresh juice in your blender. If you find that you can not eat that much, may prove a charge lycopene in a health store or online purchases.

5. Foods rich in potassium: High blood pressure is sometimes caused by Do not eat enough potassium. It is important not to get the sodium / potassium levels in balance. Most people in the form of sodium potassium or far enough. Although potassium supplements are available, it is naturally better to eat healthy foods. Meat, potatoes, bananas and oranges contain potassium. Do not go too far though. Try to get a proper balance of potassium and sodium. Too much of one is not good. Taking the middle path is best.

6. Skim milk: Vitamin D and calcium in skim milk at work as a team powerful to fight against hypertension. Try to drink at least one or two drinks per day.

7. Sunflower Seeds Unsalted: The great taste of natural foods are loaded with magnesium, an important substance for lowering blood pressure. Sunflower seeds also contain a good source of potassium.

8. Dark chocolate: Do not go overboard. One ounce per day is enough to help keep your blood pressure.

9. Baked potato: a rich source of potassium, which helps maintain appropriate levels of sodium in the blood. When the oven is better for you than mashed by nutrients in the skin of the potato. Try to eat the skin and not just inside.

10: Spinach: This leafy green vegetable contains a high amount of magnesium and potassium. If you do not like the taste of cooked spinach, put some in your salad. It is well known in this way. As a bonus, it also has a fiber too.

These ten foods that go a long way to help lower your blood pressure. Try them for a couple of weeks and see how easy it is to lower your blood pressure, with all natural foods, healthy and tasty.

Brad Bahr is the author of many health related articles and websites. Find out which all natural anti-aging supplement he recommends for improving health, looking younger and feeling great every day. You can visit his website at:

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