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Salt grinder

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Chicken recipe?

I picked a pepper with lemon, sea salt, the other day (I found it very convenient!) And I thought to use in boneless chicken breasts, skinned, but now .... I can not find recipes like him! Ideas?

Endless possibilities! If I cut the chicken into pieces lean season with salt, lemon pepper and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. I used to eat chicken like this all the time to eat with noodles or rice and green vegetables.

Coleus is known as Pashan Bhed in ancient Sanskrit and Hindi in Patharchur. Other local names as Garma (Gujrati) Makandiberu (Kannada) and Marundu Kurka (Tamil) are also well known. The thick juicy leaves of this herb has been produced for centuries in the region of Mithila. The plant is very robust and can be easily grown in pots at home that require little or no maintenance. The leaves are bigger and juicier in the sandy soil and climate hot. The leaves are said to treat intestinal disorders. The sharp smell of the leaves of the plant for the restoration of the region. The leaves have a sour taste latent and appreciated by connoisseurs only.

Equipment needed (Serving 2-3 people)

Young leaves Pathrachur - 18-20
Rice Oil - 3-4 tablespoons
Salt - 1 pinch
Turmeric - 1 pinch
In refined vegetable oil - 50 gms

Preparation: Soak raw rice in water and left overnight.

Traditionally, this rice is processed into a paste using a mill hand, but in modern times of an electric mixer can be used.

Add salt to taste. Add the turmeric and mix well.
Place a skillet on the stove and let it warm. Pour the oil refining plant and let it warm.
Take 2 sheets together full and dip the dough of rice.
Place the leaves covered with rice paste in the oil and let fry.
What the Republic FRY for 4-5 minutes and drain the oil.
Repeat with remaining leaves and fried pathrchur CRIP sheets prepared for dinner.

Things take care of:

Pick leaves patharchur closer to the root to ensure that only the young leaves are treated
Make rice paste thick enough to make it less problematic in frying.
Allow extra drip from leaves of rice pasta before frying in oil.

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