Salt & pepper grinders

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Salt & Pepper grinders

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Where would we be without eggs? From chicken egg chicken joint a little odd duck, and quail eggs. The eggs are part of our diet daily (except for those of us who accept the philosophy and lifestyle vegan) and are an important source of protein, vitamins and minerals such as The B6, B12, iron, calcium, riboflavin, folic acid and potassium.

In the past, cardiologists encouraged to heart patients to exclude eggs from their diet, because cholesterol levels seen. Now, it seems an argument about this, some saying that some of the cholesterol in eggs is absorbed by the body and is particularly "good" cholesterol. However, with the prevalence of prescription drugs that lower cholesterol, it seems unlikely that some eggs will do much harm, but it is between the patient and doctor.

The number of dishes and, indeed, all meals, you can do with eggs is important. Of course there are regular tortilla, fried, scrambled, boiled and poached varieties, often eaten for breakfast, a boiled egg but can encourage a more boring salad and is delicious mashed with mayonnaise in a sandwich (especially with the watercress).

Few cake would be complete without eggs, because the setting and increase aid. They are the main ingredient of mayonnaise (bud), merengue (the target), custard, like quiche © Brula cream and caramel and cream, of course, © blown.

The most important properties of eggs used in sauces and creams is its ability to emulsify (or stabilize mixture), because they contain lecithin. An unstable emulsion is salad dressing, or considered as such because the oil and vinegar separates then when a mayonnaise, which is the egg yolk (and mustard, which has similar properties), containing olive oil, lemon juice and vinegar together to make smooth and creamy result.

Most egg white or albumen is water, but the protein content allows White to keep the air forming a film around when hit, resulting in large and luminous flat-foam, meringues Soufflé © sy. It is possible, however, has beaten more than one egg into the air is not and the result will be rather wet plate and heavy, and in the case of a © blown, but not downloaded.

Eggs spend a lot of things, but with an impressive looking and easy to start preparing dinner is as follows:

Butter inside of a miniature pudding basin or mold (you need one for each person). Equals size the bottom with a punch and pieces of toast this size. Use white or wheat bread sliced ready. Place bread in bottom of pan.

Line the mold with smoked salmon, toast, which overlap and make sure no gaps. Break an egg into each pan, season with Salt and pepper and a few chopped chives and put a spoonful of cream in each.

Bake in water bath in oven at medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes. This depends on the heat of the oven, the egg size and if you like yellow to establish or even slightly nasal. It would be wise to try for yourself, before supper important.

Turns molds on plates and garnish with watercress, arugula or other leaves.

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