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Salt shaker marine

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What's the best way to get rid of fleas in your house?

My friend moved into a house and there are fleas in it. We bombed it and it took care of a lot of them... but there are still a few left. Any suggestions?

Here is my Flea and Tick Natural Kit...
YOU can use all or some of the optons....

1. Critter oil / WONDERFUL and SAFEEEEEEEEEE ( you can use this around the house, too)


2. BEST Yet Cedar oil ( For CATS and DOGS) ( YOU can use this around the house, too)

3. NuVET Nutritional Program ~~~~
~~~ For dogs and cats... ( A Must for every pet!!)
Everyone needs one or two NuVET Wafers per day - Keeps the bugs away and also Keeps your baby safe and Healthy...

KEEPS the VET away, too!!!

MOST dogs only need 1 NuVET wafer or 1 teaspoon of NuVET Powder per day.
NuVET is sold by Holistic Vet Offices and the manufacturer..
Go to :
Ask for at least a 60 count bottle of the NuVET Plus at 39.00
Also, mention discount code 81098 and get your 15% Off Program.
Call 1-800-474-7044 and Discount code 81098 **TELL them PET Nurse Marie sent you ...

4. D.E. ( From the EARTH) ( for the pet and the house/ yard)
*** Diatomaceous earth (DE) works, and it’s non-toxic not only to your dogs, but birds and other animals that pass through your back yard.

About D. Earth:

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring substances made up of crushed fossils of freshwater organisms or marine life. Insects like the fleas have a waxy coat which helps to prevent water loss through the body surface. What the diatomaceous earth does is that it slices through the coat of the fleas and as such causing dehydration and eventually causes death of the fleas, larvae and eggs.

DE is inactive in presence of water, it’s more suited for use on dry walks, dry decks, dry patios, dry lawns. Outdoor flea treatment should focus on areas where your pets rest, sleep, and runs, such as doghouse and kennel areas, under decks, along fences and next to the foundation. Use natural grade rather than pool grade diatomacious earth. Natural Grade for pets.........
It is seldom necessary to treat the entire yard or open areas exposed to full sun. Simply sprinkle the Diatomaceous (DE) powder onto these areas.
If it rains, you will need to re-apply the D. Earth to your yard.

You can also use D.E. on your pets/ just avoid the face/ eyes...
NON toxic and very safe...( get a salt shaker or powder shaker...)

GARLIC/ In the NuVET - VERY small amounts do help!!
Also, give a NuVET wafer per day to your dogs...NUVET has a trace amount of Garlic in them...PLUS loads of other supplements that Keep the Fleas away...

Fleas hate the taste of a Healthy pet’s blood... They JUMP right off.
If you have D.E powder they may not jump on at all.

CATS can use D.E., too!

As for the cats, you can use D.E for them too...
Just dust them 1 x per day with the D.E. powder.
Make sure you get the PURE and Plain D. Earth.
CATS have a NuVET formula too!!
Cats also can benefit from some NuVET feline powder, too.

Ok, I have given you some very good options - you will need to use One of the top 2 and then a NuVET -
Or you can try the D.Earth and the NuVET.
HOUSE dogs and CATS may be able to get away with the D.Earth powder and one NuVET per day...

KEEP me posted.
This will be so much safer for your pets...

Marie Peppers LPN MA
Ask the Pet Nurse

NEED Help - Don’t know what to choose????
Write to me at my private e-mail (
I will try to direct you.

Hawaii is a first choice travel destination with millions of people - and for good reason. Bring a little of that island feeling into your home, either indoors or in your outdoor living space. You can apply this theme to an elegant dinner party, a fun and funky luau, or anything in between.

1. First, look at the space itself, including floors, walls, roof or ceiling.


Think natural materials. Try bamboo matting on the floor. It's fairly inexpensive, very durable and easy on the feet. For a roof or large patio umbrella, consider palm leaf thatch.


Choose rich vibrant colors inspired by island vegetation: hibiscus red, bird of paradise orange or palm tree green. Use pineapple and mango colored accents. Bright navy or marine blue makes an effective background.

2. Next, add the furniture. Again, natural materials are best. For example, raffia table skirts and rattan or bamboo furniture are a fast way to create that island atmosphere. If you're using indoor dining chairs or resin patio chairs and want an elegant feel, consider slipovers made of a fabric with a Hawaiian print.

3. Now add lighting. Real flame, whether in candles or bamboo torches, will give you the most authentic look.

4. Last but not least, accessorize.


When you think of Hawaii, you probably imagine palm trees swaying in the breeze, brightly colored exotic flowers, or maybe even hula dancers and surfboards. Each of these is an example of a motif.

Choose one motif and run with it, or mix a couple. Motifs with a common theme (such as Hawaii!) can be easily tied together by style or color.

Once you've picked a motif, you'll find lots of ideas for adding it to your room. From windsocks and stepping stones to tablecloths and salt & Pepper shakers, the list of thematic accessories you can find is seemingly endless.

Don't overdo it though. Sometimes less is more, especially if you're decorating for a full season of living in the theme.


Music is a powerful mood setter. CDs of traditional or contemporary island tunes can provide backdrop to conversation, or liven up the fun and games.

So pass around the leis and go Hawaiian in your outdoor space.

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Debbie Rodgers owns and operates Paradise Porch, and is dedicated to helping people create outdoor living spaces that nurture and enrich them. Visit her on the web at and get a free report on “Eight easy ways to create privacy in your outdoor space”. Mail to

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