Sea salt shaker

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Sea Salt shaker

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Sea salt spray Makeinit!?

Im makeing a recipe home to an aerosol of sea salt. Is sea salt, the salt we use to put itself in the Shakers? If not where can I find?

You can find it in any basiclly Grocery Store If you live in Florida go to Publix depends some people use Salt shakers sea and then some kind of sharing thanks

God has given us the taste of salt torture us, but because we are supposed to use and enjoy. Salt is essential for basic survival, let alone good health. No studies on long-term consequences of deprivation of salt has concluded, because the issues concerned all the time they become weaker after Only a few weeks, invariably, studies have been suspended.

Every traditional culture has always used the salt in a certain way. Some of those who do not have easy access to it to travel long distances and undergo great dangers, to get the precious salt. Other have used it - too salty - Blood Thurs food preparation. In Africa, ash, sodium-rich marsh grasses were added to food. Seacoast people have always appreciated dried seafood - With its high salt content. The fact that salt was used as currency in many parts of world, much of the 19th century tells us of its importance.

Why is salt so important?

First, salt is the largest source of chloride, the stomach needs to produce hydrochloric acid. This acid is essential for the digestion of proteins - This is why the meat without salt taste terrible? Chloride also activates the production of amylase needed to digest carbohydrates and is essential for growth and brain function.

Salt is also the main source of sodium. Since all body fluids - blood, plasma, urine, perspiration - contain sodium, we can say that sodium is essential to life. Among other biochemical processes, is necessary for the regulation of salt balance water, muscle contraction and expansion, nerve stimulation, the acid-alkaline balance and adrenal function.

Same if not all salt is the same ...

Salt is not intended to be sodium chloride and sometimes only enriched with inorganic iodine - As the food industry wants us to believe. Unrefined sea salt is a major source of iodine, however, need only minor amounts, but also essential for a series of processes including fat metabolism, thyroid function and sex hormones.

Common salt white - like most of our convenience foods - no nutritional value. He was treated at high temperature to change its molecular structure and removes minerals - which are then packaged to be sold as supplements. Contains additives - including aluminum, which is a mineral that is absolutely not necessary - and anti-caking agents (when it rains, it pours, remember?). The appearance can be attractive, but when it comes to salt, I want be pink, gray or beige, which indicates the presence of minerals. (For me it is more attractive.)

White salt is guilty of bad reputation salt. Do you experience fluid retention, or toxicity of iodine? Do you have high blood pressure or kidney disease? Then try this: take The salt shaker, stop eating all processed foods loaded with sodium, and significantly reduces their restaurant meals. The use of minerals only rich in unrefined salt in your kitchen - I guarantee you - you will notice the difference.

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