Vase Glass Salt

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Vase Glass Salt

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I cleaned a glass vase with acetone and salt and Morton left a precipitate or "crust" if you want?

What is the "crust" and how do I get? is in an inaccessible area, so I need something that can soak in the computer and remove the buildup. Thank you!

Probably wasn `t very well rinsed. Try hot water and some Dawn dishwashing liquid. Let stand a bit, swish around and repeat if necessary. Remember to rinse well.

Choosing a cleaning device is in fact a decision much more complicated than you may realize ... Follow these 6 steps and you will be very probably a good experience and carpets clean.

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Links to Shaw and Mohawk are at the end Article

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Links: Jeff Lester is a partner at a Dallas Carpet Cleaning company: The Steam Team. The Steam Team is an IICRC certified full service cleaning and catastrophe restoration company based in Austin, TX.

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