Wood salt shaker

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Wood Salt shaker

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ToolPost.co.uk, the leading online resource for wood turning, woodcarving and other equipment of wood crafts and tools, is proud to present a unique and exciting for pen-turners: Tigerwood. This wood-based product is safe to inject individuality into a pen or pencil project thank you to the variety of colors in the stained wood Tigerwood. The solid wood veneer beautifully colored is impregnated with phenolic resin to ensure that not shredding and delamination of similar but inferior products on the market.

The beautiful wood products Tigerwood recently discovered by turret is the perfect material for all types of project work: key chains, distributors of perfumes, especially pens and pencils. Cleaning resin phenolic wood turning there: strong and durable, while the stunning array of colors in the stained wood to attract the eye and drawings striking. Choose one color of blue with yellow or yellow with blue, red and gray or red multi color, a bright color or more of a mixture pastel colors.

People turret of a wide range of areas, both bands Tigerwood the pen and the project is ideal for the production of unique pens and appealing and pencils, and as many other points, Salt and pepper, to key chains and decorative eggs. Pen Blanks Tigerwood are 19mm (3 / 4 inches) square and go in a variety of lengths so you can customize your pen to write your exact needs. Project blanks Tigerwood turret is 45mm (1.3 / 4 inch) apple, 80mm (3.1 / 4 inches) long enough to grow in importance as more important items such as distributors of perfume, or to give a final with small items like coins keychain.

The stunning Tigerwood must be seen be appreciated. ToolPost.co.uk a clear color images of the full range of colors and a few photographs from the pen of equipment made from this material amazing. The site will also find turret acrylic pen blanks and a series of Pen-turners kit. And of shares turret of course a host of tools and supplies for all types of craft projects wooden tools including woodturning, such as turning, woodturning lathes and chucks, and tools wood carving, finishing wood products, tool grinding and sharpening equipment and a large quantity of essential accessories, such as respirators. See full range of target = "_blank"> www.toolpost.co.uk.

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