Donkey Salt Pepper

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Donkey Salt pepper

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Can you answer the age old questions?

Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?
Liam Hemsworth or Robert Pattenson?
One Republic or Big Time Rush?
Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw?
Tom Brady or Drew Brees?
Baseball or Basketball?
Kevin Durant or Tim Duncan?
Lebron James or Koby Bryant?
Alex Rodrigez or Albert Pulos?
Yu Darvish or Yoenis Cespedes?
Texas Rangers or Anehiem Angles?
Spurs or Mavricks?
Batman or Spiderman?
Red Sox or Yankees?
Transformers or Iorn Man?
John Cena or The Rock?
Jeff Gordan or Jimmie Johnson?
Tony Stewart or Carl Edwards?
Football or Soccer?
Country Music or Pop Music?
Rock or Roll?
80s or 90s?
Black or White?
Salt or Pepper?
Cats or Dogs?
Cherry or Grape?
Cowboys or Indians?
Jets or Giants?
New York or LA?
Bert or Ernie?
Hot or Cold?
Ellen Degeneres or Rossie O'Donnell?
Justin Bieber or ANYTHING ELSE?
Red or Blue?
Donkey or Elephant?
TV or Radio?


Attend a Valentine's Day costume party as a couple could be more fun to go stag. However, for many partygoers as possible, thinking that model of perfection pair work hard enough, because now he must decide for two! Sexy costumes are always appropriate for Valentine's Day, but might be most appropriate for the room, so why not instead of assuming what tickles the funny bone?

Here are some suggestions for further fun loving couples costumes. Enter the character and make your team effective with the following:

Animated Mates

1. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse - Disney romantic rodents are a classic choice.

2. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck - Feathered friends ... and perhaps a little more, these two are one Disney duo ideal.

3. Shrek and Princess Fiona - The unlikely pair royal. It is also a viable option is Shrek and the donkey, depending on their orientation per course.

4. SpongeBob and Patrick Starfish - You just need a box with a yellow shirt and tie, plus shorts and black shoes, Sponge Bob. For Patrick? A pink dress.

5. Popeye and Olive - a sailor suit at Popeye's pipe, but do not forget an anchor tattoo on his arm. Turtle turtleneck and skirt, olive over the line in the middle used mats.

Animal Magnetism

6. King Kong and Ann Darrow - The blond bombshell has everything needed to tame the giant gorilla.

7. Beauty and the Beast - Their love story began like a fairy tale of the 18th century did not hesitate for nearly 300 years.

Insect Appeal

8. Rose & Bee - Pollination Practice safe!

Combinations Cooking

9. Spoon and fork - See what happens when mixing utensils in the silverware drawer?

10. Ketchup and mustard - Condiments perfectly complementary

11. Salt & Pepper - Spice Up Valentine's Day party with all these exciting ingredients

12. Bacon & Egg - Breakfast in bed anyone?

Heart hardware

13. Nuts and bolts - joder May be inevitable in this series!

14. Secret fantasies Lock & Key - Unlock your partner

15. Plug & Socket - Libido charging in your love life

As you can see, there are many happy couples costume of choice. This Valentine's Day, try one size and see the arrow of Cupid hit his target.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers