Elephant Salt Pepper

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Elephant Salt pepper

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What would be a good bread to serve with this?

Elephant Stew Ingredients: 1 elephant, elephant, Salt and pepper sauce Cut 2 rabbits, plugged in (which are 4 months) Bake at 525 kerosene (about five months), salt and pepper, cover with sauce This will serve 3,800 people. If more people, add 2 rabbits. (Only if necessary because most people do not like to do in your stew!) Lol. My mother gave me and thought it was cute. Have a great day!

You can use one of these giants rolls underwater.

Harvest time was a very important and serious in the year associated with rituals and thanksgiving after construction.

There was ASDA or Walmart to go for. Our ancestors lived much closer and more dependent on land where we are today.

How to preserve and conserve food during the winter time? Read on:

Cereal crops

These include Wheat, barley and maize.

The cereals were harvested and transported to the stables. Here there were addressed wood or metal for carrying out the grain pests. This testing was done on the floor of the barn in early winter.


Different technologies have been used to grind grain into flour:

1. Mortars and mortars

Querns 2.Saddle: They consisted of a stone top and bottom convex or concave hollow stone. The two halves fit together and Rolling Stones top grain has been crushed.

3. Rotary grinding wheels with grip. There were two flat stones. Both spinning round in shape on the other.

4. Mills have been introduced in 8 to 9 centuries. The wheels have been moved by water or animal power.


Animals were usually killed in the winter and the meat was easier to store in the cold months of the summer heat. Because of the increased risk of infection Pork is not consumed in summer.

A small house can use a professional to slaughter their animals. The animals were killed using the punch to the back of a hatchet - that is the origin of the phrase "poleaxeing. The butcher normally paid in the flesh of fish.

The meat was usually suspended until 3 weeks for beef or lamb 1 week.

Most animals used for food, including tongues, offal and brains. Even the bone marrow is used in creams and ointments, soups, etc.

Conservation and food processing

There were several methods used for food storage:


It was under the sun, outside by a fire in a furnace or oven. Has been used for beans, grains, herbs, fungi (thread string), seaweed, peas and even a little meat and fish.


Birch, oak, wood juniper, or even seaweed are used to smoke hams and certain fish such as herring.


Some Fruits and vegetables have been preserved in this way in vinegar, alcohol or honey


This method has been used for fruit that has been reduced to slurry and stored in sealed containers


The salted Dry:

Combine salt, pepper and honey was used for hams around and rubbed in mixtures of two times per week for a month. Then hang them to dry


Again, could be salty hams

After salting pork or ham may be smoked.

How to make salt?

Pots of lead is used to dry the salt. The salt deposits found in the wells of brine near the sea entrance


How is the food stored for the winter?

Cereals: commonplace in the barn / barn bone. Flour and meal placed on the chest

Fruit boiled and placed in a sealed jar with a lid greased Crock - using maybe butter or wax.

Meats and cheeses: Hung Up on "Bacon House

Eggs stored in Ash or straw

Root vegetables in cellars and storage in the dark

The key holder

The food will be locked in a warehouse. The room was locked and the key by the key holder. It was a role very important. It was usually a woman. Sometimes women were buried with their keys and were found by the archaeologist, what is knowledge.

Problems of food preservation.

Besides the lack of refrigeration, parasites are a real problem. It could be the mouse and rat. The Anglos had cats and weasels, even to maintain the population of rodents, mice and small.

Flour and grain may be infected flour mites that cause intestinal disorders such as diarrhea.

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