Frog Salt Pepper

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Frog Salt pepper

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Balloon Mollies compatibility with other fish?

Hello, so in my 29 gallon I have 1 male betta and 4 Otocinclus. It is moderately planted with ferns Java. Recently I tried to understand what fish to put in my tank (now that my betta has softened, with all the holes cache and new plants), I thought in the treatment 3 balloon mollies and Women - Corien pepper (4) Upside-down catfish (2)-danios (6)-Glowlight tetras (6)-platia Women (4)-beards Cherry (6)-kuhli loaches (3 or 4) -Glofish (6)-African Dwarf Frogs (3 or 4) Obviously, I do not plan to keep all these fish, but the few species that I was seeing. Little Fish globe would be compatible with other fish, other words, these fish are in agreement with a teaspoon of salt per gallon of water aqaurium? Thanks in advance! = D

All the fish you would set well with the fishes. As for the salt ... It's good for all tropical fish to add c. Tea per gallon of water.

During pregnancy, the baby is like a parasite and contain all the nutrients it needs you. If your diet is adequate in nutrients for both, causes no problem. If instead of your diet is insufficient for both, and then recovery after delivery will take longer and if it do not replenish the body during the period of confinement, may remain weak for an extended period. This is probably why our elders as a great deal of eating well during imprisonment.

Wherever you are in the world, everyone will try to tell you what to eat and if possible, how eat. The most important thing to do is follow the needs of your own body. What you eat, make sure you have a good balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and water at each meal.

Just remember the following:

1. If you are breastfeeding that you eat will be transferred to baby through breast milk, so it is important to eat a balanced diet for your baby receive adequate nutrients for optimum growth and development.

2. Some foods make stool soft baby become "wind" or have. If you find that your baby is suddenly very unstable, try to believe in what you ate during the past 12 hours. Avoid the food for a few days and try again. If the same thing happens again, then you should store food for a particular time and place in your food, a very small amount and see how baby reacts then slowly increase until the baby used to eating.

3. You may find that your appetite is somewhat reduced, especially during the first week. This is normal for your body is rehabilitation to its non-pregnant state both physically and mentally, so it is better to have small frequent meals instead of 3 large meals per day normal.

4. Must Drink plenty of fluids so that enough milk and you are forbidden to drink water, you can get the quantity of water from other sources, such as soup.

So what do you eat?

Most Eastern cultures believe that their body is cold after childbirth so you should avoid foods or cold foods cold, but eat a lot or Â'heaty yang "to warm the body up. However, if you are normally a yang person, Â'heaty food binge 'May cause rash and fever. In this case, it would be appropriate to reduce the amount of food Â'heaty 'and eat more neutral. If you are normally a Yin person, you should have no trouble eating Food Â'heaty '(lucky). The following table gives a quick overview of the types of foods to eat or avoid.

Types foods to avoid

Food Â'Cooling "For example, bananas, cabbage, cucumber, coconut and Chinese cabbage
Contribute to poor circulation of the mother and stomach ache in the baby if you breastfeed. Salt as a condiment and salty foods in general should be rejected, too, in the belief that the use of reduced production of breast milk

Â'Acidic food, for example: pineapple, mango, lemon, lime
Contribute to lochia excessive maternal and infant diarrhea.

Too much food Â'Heaty "For example, chili, pepper, spices, tonics, liqueurs and medicines.
Contribute to diarrhea in infants and mothers headache

Â'Windy food, eg, jackfruit, tapioca, pumpkin, onion.
Contributing to be baby colic and May cause indigestion for mother and baby.

Poisonous food such as shrimp, shellfish, crabs, eel, ginger
Delayed wound healing of the mother and can cause allergies and eczema in infants. These foods can cause stomach aches and vomiting

Type of food recommended

To improve milk production

Chicken, squid, clams (small varieties), fish (especially carp), millet, mutton, pork, rice wine, slug, the sea of soymilk powder mixed with nuts, wheat cakes, wheat noodles with egg, green papaya

To ensure resistance to mother it recovers quickly with the work effort.
Chicken, frog, Panax ginseng, licorice extract and Knife

What you eat also depends on what we believe and cook for you. If your mother or MIL may not have many options. I saw women fighting and not not speak to each other because of this issue. Try to reach a compromise that is acceptable to both parties. Using a cogent and logical, rather than confrontation.

Most new mothers are often at a loss on what is the correct food to eat during the postnatal confinement month so hopefully this article may help in making the right choices. If you are interested in viewing this article in pictorial form with some recommended recipes please go to

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