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Holder Salt pepper

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It took about a week. I took a picture of a Salt and pepper and the goalkeeper made this photo.

I waited 'til level 5, because I do not use one of the animated avatars. Finally created because I wanted type of paint my love of typography ...:-)

In the culture of Latin America, "Quinceanera" is a ceremony that marks the fifteenth anniversary of a young girl to celebrate His coming old. The word translated as "fifteen years in English. Refers to the girl "become a lady" or "prepare for motherhood."

This event involves a mass in honor of the girl and the style of preparation of the balloon. It is usually celebrated with a celebration can be as elaborate as a wedding. In the special day, the girl is made to give the impression that they treat like a princess. She usually wears a beautiful dress, high heels and a tiara. The high heel is fitted to the feet of his father and the crown is placed the head of his mother. The youth may even do a waltz with her court, composed of 15 persons.

Holidays generally follow their fifteen theme, based on the election of decorations and party favors. Some popular themes are a princess theme, or a Hawaiian theme simple theme party black and white. Can also be a masked ball, a garden or a butterfly theme, and much more.

Types of Group Quinceañera favors

Favors should be consistent with the theme party. Some of the favors that can be classified into the following groups:

1. Observe personalized Quinceañera include something like the acrylic box with ribbon Custom Mini Heart candle favor with pressed flowers or ribbons, imported chocolate in an elegant gift box, or a tailored shirt and shoes.

2. Some Quinceanera Recuerdos only are ceramic salt and pepper, banana split, mini-pillar candles, frosted glass, black and white, antique-finish the picture frame, mirror black monogram bag or mini-light flashlights.

3. It Quinceañera Favors Fairy Tale, too, which would be great if the theme is the same. Elegant bell gold plated silver, frosted glass heart candles, scented candles in the shape of a dress or a sand castle the cardholder as a tiara or a car, compact mirror in a black velvet bag.

4. Garden Favors Quinceañera card place include bamboo green favor boxes filled with hibiscus white chocolate hearts, candles, garden glass gel or elegant orchid gel candles, coasters glass.

A Quinceanera is a lifetime event. Leave no stone unturned for the most memorable moment in the lives of youth. These are some tips you can follow or may be not as innovative person you most memorable in the lives of adolescents.

Browse through our Quinceanera favor selection and select one of our unique Quinceanera favors for your special Mis Quince!

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