Pig Salt Pepper

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Pig Salt pepper

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Survey: Random and fun !!!!?

1. Who is your hero? 2. Hair color? 3. Lucky Number? 4. Favorites Word text messages? (Lol, idk JK, ROTFL, etc ...) 5. Do you talk? 6. Preferred model? (dotted lines, zig-zag, leopard) 7. Do you prefer more salt or pepper? 8. answer honestly: markers monkey with green hair? 9. Do you believe that pigs can fly? 10. Do you like Hollister, Abercrombie, and Aeropostale? 11. A question for future research, please!

Wonder Woman 7 Honey Brown YESHHHH ROFL! Strips of salt, perhaps? Haha yes. NO. Whats your fav. color?

The pygmy hedgehog, or the creature referred to as such is not really a species of hedgehog, but is the result of mixing some of the most eminent Africanist species. There are no hedgehogs native to the northeastern U.S., so anything you see in pet stores or breeders are mainly African. You can find a pygmy hedgehog in a variety of colors these days, the most common and profitability is the layer of Salt and pepper. They are not albino, gray, red and some others, but to approach the color variations are more exotic worth the extra money and a trip a specialized breeder. Let your new friend as young as possible and get used to the smell and the constant attitude as soon as possible. This will help establish a fast link that will take 4 to next 7 years.

The pygmy hedgehog is about 8 inches long in its most large, being upright and fully stretched. As a small tight ball of sharp spines, which is about the size of a softball, but formidable enough to prevent almost any enemy or predator. You can also use this tactic on you, but you can teach him to you trust to stick out, so to speak. Ask your hand, because the smell is still there, even when hidden in its shell security. Stand still and be patient and continue to do that every day as often as possible to encourage him to visit. If you ever need to suppress the mouth, try to remain silent, calm and motionless. As the instinct will be more drastic and more difficult prey writhing violently, so do not mimic the action of a food fight.

The pygmy hedgehog, once completely socialized with humans and domesticated for manipulation, usually heard not with other animals in the house. There are cases where a baby pygmy hedgehog may be presented to a non-aggressive dog or cat and learn to trust even though the animal, but keep safety in the forefront at all times. His instincts are strong, and maximum use if necessary, be sure to stay out of danger on the road to happiness.

The pygmy hedgehog that will offer a wide variety of insects, fruit and staples, as well as tunnels and PVC playing hide-boxes and naps. He is adventurous and need lots of space for a creature so small, so to fashion pen play safe and sustainable for a visit during his waking hours, usually late at night or early morning.

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