Souvenir Salt Pepper

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Souvenir Salt pepper

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Souvenirs from Seattle, Washington?

My dad is in seattle and wants me to choose a souvenirs for him to bring me back!! =)

any ideas? i am a 15 year old girl if that helps any =) any cool things exclusively found in washington? or just something cool? thanks guys =)

One of the insanely delicious caramel apples with chocolate and candies and gooey goodness at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory They're not exclusive to Seattle but way too good to pass up!

A set of Space Needle salt and Pepper shakers from the store below the Space Needle or Simply Seattle.

A Nirvana or Pearl Jam tshirt from the tshirt shop across from Pike Place Market. Or "Sleepless in Seattle" pajamas.

One of the very cool photographs or prints of paintings by local artists of Pike Place Market, Mount Rainier, etc, at Pike Place Market.

Smoked salmon from Simply Seattle, Made in Washington or one of the vendors in Pike Place Market.

A cute snowglobe - who doesn't like those?

There's a Made in Washington store near the aquarium on the waterfront. You can look at a lot of the stuff they carry online I sent my parents stuff from here just about every Christmas.

And best gift of all - a Visa gift card with enough on it to buy a ticket so you and friend can come visit LOL

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