Watermelon Salt Pepper

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Watermelon Salt pepper

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This work of food for a month to lose 10-15 pounds?

If I'm this routine for the next monthish lose 10-15 pounds? Breakfast: Cereal Speical K bran with a cup of 1% milk Lunch: Sandwich - lettuce, 1 slice of nonfat cheese, tomato, green pepper, Salt and pepper and a little light mayonnaise with 2 slices wheat and high fiber bread Lunch: Indian food (very healthy) snacks throughout the day: watermelon (much =)) grapes, oranges 6.8 bottles of water a day (12-16 glasses) to the farm 1-2 miles per day on all other boards? Please

Do not eat at all is a great way to lose weight.

A great vegetarian soup recipe not only change your appetite for the main meal, but may also simply feel good. Here are some tips reach their own vegetarian soup recipe.


With vegetarian soup, there's really not rigid rules or clearcutting on how duty. Just follow the preliminary basics and then let your imagination rule. This means that you simply skip © customary garlic, onion and choice of vegetables, add broth or soup and vegetable broth add what you want, including spices. If you prepare a recipe cold and then you can experiment by swapping some ingredients like watermelon for tomatoes, or vice versa.

The only thing may want to consider is the clean palate and those whose food is prepared. It would be better if the experiment in its reserve day free and fair use tested recipes soup normal days when time is short.

Be generous with spices

Sometimes a small portion of green onions, celery and carrots sauteed with onions will make a big difference in taste. Soup Recipes May But others need a little more than usual herbs and spices. Try a few mixes like oregano and rosemary, pepper and or lemon pepper and lemon grass. You can also use other spices like pepper and cumin. A hose from the soup recipe vegetarian seasoning is to use an appropriate amount or mix of spices that can reduce the salt.

Thicken soup

A Part of the secret of delicious vegetarian soup recipe includes making the perfect texture. Texture Of course, it can be improved by thickening soup. One of the secrets of the Orient cooks is that they use flour or cornstarch to thicken a recipe instead of milk. Some suggest that adding an exact number of pieces of flour or corn starch with water, but sometimes you just have to make an estimate.

To put more texture and thickness of the soup, just add a small amount of cornstarch. Simply mix a small amount of cornstarch with a little warm water, then pour the mixture gently, stirring in the soup is almost ready removed from the fire.


Non-vegetarians often add meat to the soup tasty. However, vegetarians can replace meat with other ingredients. Besides spices, green pepper and onion, you can also add a little soy sauce taste some soup. Beans can also add to the flavor of your soup recipe vegetarian and very necessary, including the provision of other proteins that normally get from meat. In addition to beans, peas, lentils and squash are also tasty additions to it.

Freeze soup

The great thing about soups is that you can prepare ahead and freeze for the next day. Just make sure the soup before the freeze, cool completely first. Who are refrigerated so you can remove the excess oil before transferring to small containers for freezing. Makes sure there is some extra space in the container after soup has been transferred to allow the liquid to expand.

Want to spice up your vegetarian meals? Discover the tastiest recipes from vegetarian soup recipe to easy chili vegetarian recipe.

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